Our Mission

Our ministry is dedicated to serving our fellow racers and their families at the track by providing spiritual support and guidance, friendship, fun, and food. We also have an off track ministry to churches, schools, and other events, where we use our motorcycles and experiences to witness to and encourage groups at large wherever the Lord leads us.

God uses our team as a whole to minister to our fellow racers through our testimonies and relationships with each other, and our fellow racers, at the track, both during the race season, and during the off-season. We have also seen Him use us in great ways at various speaking engagements that we do when we are not ministering during a race weekend.

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An Outreach Ministry

The Christian Sport Bike Association (CSBA) is an outreach ministry committed to Jesus.

  • We ride with a purpose.
  • We aim to build and encourage fellowship within the association.
  • We are committed in our attempts to follow the example of Jesus.
  • We believe Jesus died for our sins and that He is the way, the only way to God.

The CSBA is made up of different age groups, backgrounds and denominations. Some of our members are involved in racing, some ride every day, others only on weekends. But we all get a buzz from riding.

  • We promise no worldly gain or accolades.
  • We do promise new friendships, fast roads and an exciting ride.

Latest CSBA Racing News

Written on 09 February 2012, 00.00 by Cowboy6
woodcraft-sponsorship  Excellent news! Woodcraft Cfm has picked us up for sponsorship again for 2012!  Please patronize their company and drop our name too!  You will be doing yourself the favor as their products are...
Written on 30 January 2012, 00.00 by Cowboy6
team-makeoverMet with Jessica Tobias today. Progress is being made on the team "makeover."  She has a review with her professor this Wednesday so prayers for her success would be appreciated!
Written on 21 January 2012, 00.00 by Cowboy6
csbaracing-woodcraftCheck out page 35 at the top! Well, actually, check out the whole catalog. Woodcraft Cfm makes top notch equipment that we at CSBA Racing have been winning with for years! http://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/ Assets/PDF/ 2010-Woodcraft-Catalog.pdf www.woodcraft-cfm.com  
Written on 05 February 2011, 00.00 by Cowboy6
ducati-buildSo, here is the humble beginning of my 2011 season..... Actually, this was taken in 2010 but....Now with some progress... Making more progress. Ohlins goodness! Strong but tasty Woodcraft clutch cover. Custom GMD Computrac Triple clamps to fit the Ohlins....

Most Recent Race Report

Written on 14 November 2011, 00.00 by Cowboy6
vir-last-event-2011SEP 24-25 2011 Virginia International Raceway, VA We set out on Friday morning super early to get a jump on things for the weekend. We made pretty good time and encountered plenty of rain on the way. When we arrived at VIR, we found that it had been raining all day and I did not miss any decent track time. We found our pit spot and set up quickly. We still had time to register and complete...

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