Round 9: Summit Point, WV (Third and last time this year)
Written by Cowboy6 Thursday, 23 September 2010 00:00
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Summit Point, Last time for 2010
AUG 27-29 2010 Summit Point Raceway- West Virginia


The year sure has passed quickly. It seems like just yesterday that we arrived at Summit for the first time this season. Yet, here we are, our last time here. The season has surely had its ups and downs.

Friday was the MARRC track day and Race School. It would be my last for the year and I was eager to help out some new riders. The day went smoothly and was well attended. MARRC was able to raise enough money to even out the budget for the slow year so far. The school only had 5 students though and I was lucky enough to pick one up. Through talking to him, I found that this was his first time at the track. It was quite apparent anyway. With very little improvement by the end of the day, I suggested to him that he do a host of additional track days and practice what I was trying to teach him about body position as much as he could. At this point, he is a danger to himself and others on the race track. I am all for someone wanting to race but a race school should not be your first time on track. I imagine it is hard to set some sort of standard but common sense must prevail. None of us want to see anyone get hurt out there.

Friday night was very nice. We had a light schedule and were able to make good use of the time walking around and talking with people. John arrived that evening and set up so we were ready to tackle the morning.

Saturday AM arrived and it was busy. There were five races added to the front end of the schedule due to the rain-out at NJMP. I was in one of them which put me at 3 races for this day. After a quick two practices I was ready for my first race, LW Superbike. As I gridded up, I looked in the tower for Cecilia but did not see her. When the two board went up, I took one last look and not seeing her again, I was starting to move my eyes forward when I saw a hand waving out of the corner of my eye. I took my hand off the throttle to wave and as I went to grab the bar again, the grid took off! I was still in neutral as everyone left the grid! I quickly got started and went into T1 hard on the brakes gaining one of the lost positions back. I took another in T5 and another into T1 on the brakes after the first lap. Now I was running in third (small grid) and chasing down Mark Evry on his Ducati 1000. I finally did make it past him and salvaged the race with a second place finish.

During the lunch break I spent a good bit of time making final arrangements for a stunt that I wanted to pull in race #7. More on that later. After lunch, I went out for the GTL race. What a race this would be. From the start, Joey Thomas did his usual walk away. I was in third and holding steady on Art Diaz and his Buell. After about 3 laps of this 16 lap race, I heard Mark Evry come up to my rear. We spent the next 13 laps trading places. He would pass me on the front straight, I would pass him back under braking into T1. He passed me in T3 and I leaned on him from the outside of T4 at over 100 mph and completed the pass on the brakes into T5. I passed Art hoping to run while Mark tried to get by but he made short work of Art as well. I passed a back marker or two and Mark did the same. I just couldn’t shake him. In the end, I finished second again with Mark hot on my tail.

Now it was time for the stunt. A month and a half or so ago, I hatched this plan to get a few laughs. I had bought a hot pink skirt and schemed to wear it on track. It then evolved into a faux entry into the Femmoto race, race #7. With a few key people aware, including the track announcer, I went out on the warm-up lap and proceeded to grid up with the girls. I had a pair of strategically placed coffee mugs to fill out my leathers as well. Matt Sherman, the grid marshal and also in on it, came out to shake his finger at me and tell me to get off the grid. Meanwhile, Kathy Lomaskin and Tina Thomas were busy snapping away with cameras. With a dejected bob of my head, I rolled the mighty SV off the middleweight grid and back through the pits. All the while the announcer was playing it up and all were howling. I had riders smacking my rear end and comments were flying everywhere. I would have to call the venture a success and hopefully, it made someone’s day.

Next up was Ultralight Superbike. This race was a bit uneventful as I simply could not hang with Eric Helmbach. But, no one else was hanging with me either. I finished a lonely second for the third time!

Saturday evening was really nice. Not only did we get to eat some awesome food, but we had some serious company in our pit. We had also put out the word that we had a desert table set up and all at the track were welcome to stop by and indulge. We had wanted to provide dinner but a small miscommunication found us without funding for the food. We will re-attempt this at VIR in September. Anyway, the dessert was enjoyed by many and we had a large crowd visit for some dinner. It was a great time. Denise and I did our usual walk around and used the time to invite everyone over for cookies and cake. Special thanks to John Boecker and Cecilia for their many hours baking to make the dessert table possible.

Sunday arrived and with only a quick practice in the AM I found myself with a very light schedule. My only race would be the last of the day. I was asked by Eric to be his fuel man for the team challenge and I was happy to be able to help him out again. The race schedule in general was pretty tight but as the lunch break approached, the sidecars finished their last race for the weekend. This meant there were junk tires to use. It has been a tradition that if conditions were right, rides would be provided. So, Cecilia, Katie, Emily and I all headed out to the hot pit lane where we all scored 150 mph rides as the monkey on a sidecar. What a neat experience. I have great respect for the riders on these machines as after only two laps, I was breathing heavy. It has to be quite a chore to do 7!


So, the day waned and the last race was upon us. I gridded up, waved to Cecilia in the tower, and proceeded to pull the best start ever on my big engine. I pulled away hard and went into T1 with Art Diaz’ Buell rolling up on the inside. I turned in shutting the door on him and pulled away. Joey Thomas pulled a nasty wheelie and had dropped back a bit. But, sure enough, by T3 he was on my rear wheel. I held him off until we left T9 and as I passed under the bridge, he rolled by me like I dropped a cylinder. That bike is fast. For the next two laps, I kept pretty close to him.

He would gain about 6 bike lengths per lap then I would pull back three. Then, realizing I could not catch him and my rear tire was getting a bit loose, I slowed a hair. This slowing allowed Art Diaz to catch up again and on the white flag lap, he roared by me. However, on the entry to T1, I braked a good bit later than he did and re-passed him. With my rear tire complaining, I tried to go the best I could. I took it easy in T6 as there was no way he would get around me there and I wanted to save the right side of my tire for T9 and T10. I did the best I could in T10 and so did Art. As we raced toward the checkered flag, his Buell pulled along side me. We had to check with scoring to find out the result and it proved to be Art by .003 of a second! I had failed to hang on to second for the fourth time and settled for a third.

We will be at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) in two weeks.

Please keep us in your prayers!

::::::::::::::: Joe “Cowboy 6” Cotterino

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